Discussion #1 – Who is Jesus?

+ Big 5 question one: Does God Exist?

THE GOOD SHEPHERD, THE WORD OF GOD, THE I AM.. what’s in a name? Immanuel – God walks among us. A name that announces the coming of the beholder. ~WHO IS JESUS?~ life is utterly impossible without One who is capable of transcending the laws and limits placed on the natural world; One who has no beginning and no end; One who quite simply has always been – WHO WAS AND WHO IS AND WHO IS TO COME – ONE who is the I AM. Jesus knew without a shadow of doubt what He was saying to those descendants of Abraham that fateful day when He made the unmistakable claim to the title of GOD.


speaking notes: JesusLIFE Discussion#1

(you have full permission to copy this discussion/notes and reuse it for a group of any size, if you have a vimeo account here’s the link for easy downloading: http://vimeo.com/39296785)






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