Discussion #4 – a Son of God as told by the Prophets

+ Big 5 question four: Is there an Afterlife (Heaven/Hell)? Is there only ONE WAY?

What was the PURPOSE of the Prophets? To call people back to God? Yes. But when the people refused to listen, in their weakness these Prophets held on to the hope that ONE GREATER than they would come. One who would do more than give law. One who could fulfill the law by redeeming these sinful people ~One who could redeem prisoners in slavery to sin and offer freedom by His own righteousness~ What man was incapable of doing, God did by sending His own Son. How do we know this to be true? For starters, look to the Prophets; look to their ancient writings. See that the story of Jesus was already written thousands of years before men first set eyes on Him resting in a manger under that star in Bethlehem.


speaking notes: JesusLIFE Discussion#4

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