Discussion #5 – did Jesus die and is He coming back?

+ Big 5 question five: Does Mankind have Free-will or is God completely in Control?

What compelled ordinary fishermen to forfeit their lives at the hands of hateful men. Where did this ‘hate’ come from? And what single event can create a movement of thousands, tens of thousands, still going strong 2000 years and counting? It would have to be supernatural in origin. It would have to be ‘bigger’ than us, awe-inspiring and not reproducible by human hands: what is the one thing that every man has in common, poor and rich; famous or forgotten? The answer is death. Death is what all men have in common. All men will die, and none can avoid death. But if a man were to die – even willing lay down his life – only to take it back up again.. to come back to life; in effect, defeating death. Would that suffice as the single event in human history capable of birthing such a movement?


speaking notes: JesusLIFE Discussion#5

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