The 10 JESUS SESSIONS (Previews)

JESUS SESSION #1 - the I AM  GO TO THIS SESSION ~WHO IS JESUS?~ life is utterly impossible without One who is capable of transcending the laws and limits placed on the natural world, One who has no beginning and no end, One who quite simply has always been, WHO …

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Discussion #1 – Who is Jesus?


+ Big 5 question one: Does God Exist? THE GOOD SHEPHERD, THE WORD OF GOD, THE I AM.. what's in a name? Immanuel - God walks among us. A name that announces the coming of the beholder. ~WHO IS JESUS?~ life is utterly impossible without One who is capable of …

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Discussion #2 – Jesus the Revolutionary


+ Big 5 question two: If God is Good, why is there still Suffering? Redeeming the poor, rescuing the orphan, reviving the destitute.. these matters never go out of style. But in a world populated by survival of the so-called fittest, what place do the weak have with the strong? …

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Discussion #3 – how do people respond to Jesus?


+ Big 5 question three: When is the End of the World? from kings to shepherds; Mary, Joseph, and a ragtag gang of fishermen. You can know a lot about a man from the people he encountered - those who encountered Him. Were people different for spending time with Jesus; …

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Discussion #4 – a Son of God as told by the Prophets


+ Big 5 question four: Is there an Afterlife (Heaven/Hell)? Is there only ONE WAY? What was the PURPOSE of the Prophets? To call people back to God? Yes. But when the people refused to listen, in their weakness these Prophets held on to the hope that ONE GREATER than …

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Discussion #5 – did Jesus die and is He coming back?


+ Big 5 question five: Does Mankind have Free-will or is God completely in Control? What compelled ordinary fishermen to forfeit their lives at the hands of hateful men. Where did this 'hate' come from? And what single event can create a movement of thousands, tens of thousands, still going …

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