The 10 JESUS SESSIONS (Previews)

JESUS SESSION #1 – the I AM      JESUS SESSION #2 – the Miracle Birth   JESUS SESSION #3 – the Kingdom of Heaven      JESUS SESSION #4 – the Revolutionary   JESUS SESSION #5 – the Good Shepherd      JESUS SESSION #6 – the Way, Truth, LIFE   JESUS SESSION #7 […]

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Discussion #2 – Jesus the Revolutionary

+ Big 5 question two: If God is Good, why is there still Suffering?   speaking notes: JesusLIFE Discussion#2 (you have full permission to copy this discussion/notes and reuse it for a group of any size, if you have a vimeo account here’s the link for easy downloading: http://vimeo.com/39733137)   Love Your Neighbour as Yourself:  

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