The Jesus Debate



On February 9th, 2012, JesusLIFE, together with the Muslim and Atheist populations on a university campus in Oshawa asked the question, ‘Who is Jesus?’ This resulted in a school-wide debate culminating in what was billed, ‘Jesus: Metaphor, Prophet, or Son of God’. The debate was between an Agnostic doctor of philosophy, a Muslim scholar, and a Christian apologist. Above is the video taken of the debate that night, and below a random sampling of 32 students from the campus and their views on Jesus – regardless of how you feel about him or who you think he is/he is the most influential man to walk the face of this earth, that’s the argument. You study lesser historical figures.. how much do you know about Jesus?



feel free to download and share this preview of the debate, for easy downloading you can find it on vimeo @http://vimeo.com/41181429



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